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Fly my pretties!


Musical Maniacs
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Bernadette is love

Hey Guys, this is a community for all of you who love musicals, listen to musicals, star in musicals, or just quietly obsess about...well, you know.

Important stuff:

1. We dont discriminate against tastes here, in fact, we encourage it. A great debate is what were looking for.
2. Go ahead and ask about Audition Rep., Monologs, or anything else that is relevant.
3. There is an informal application, more like a get to know you:

Fav Musical and why:
Fav Composer:
Fav Movie Musical:
Your Tony picks for this year (if the tony's have passed, your opinions on them):
Fav Broadway Actor:
Fav Broadway Actress:
Fav role you've played:
Dream Role:

4. Tell your friends! Any musical theatre geek is welcome.