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12/2/06 08:06 pm - odette_river - Introductory Post

Hi, everyone. *waves*

Name: Odette
Age: 17
Fav Musical and why: Beauty and the Beast...my first musical ever, and it was amazing
Fav Composer: Beethoven
Fav Movie Musical: Sound of Music
Fav role you've played: pit orchestra member here :)

10/9/06 01:26 am - bwaybeauty90210

The new Les Mis on Broadway is gonna blow worse than a bulimic after Christmas Dinner.

8/17/06 09:05 pm - crystalic_chick - WHAT?!?! Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is closing?!?!

I got some very distressing news today. One of my favourite shows (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels) is closing on Broadway on September 3rd. I was counting on seeing it when I go on my New York trip in October! Now I'm depressed. I really, really wanted to see this show!!! Excuse me. I'm going to go cry myself to sleep now.



7/31/06 02:55 pm - xoxdreamlandxox - yay for new people!

Fav Musical and why: well, it changes all the time but my top four right now are Wicked, The Light in the Piazza, Rent and Brooklyn and why do I like them? The music in all of those shows is so captivating.
Fav Composer: it's a tie between Jonathan Larson and Adam Guettel
Fav Movie Musical: The Phantom of the Opera and Rent (though on some livejournals, this could get you disowned for life...)
Your Tony picks for this year (if the tony's have passed, your opinions on them): Drowsy Chaperone or Lestat...I'm kind of upset Jersey Boys won...
Fav Broadway Actor: Matthew Morrison and Norbert Leo Butz
Fav Broadway Actress: Katie Clarke, Eden Espinosa and Victoria Clark
Fav role you've played: Miss Hannigan in Annie at my school last year
Dream Role: Clara in "The Light in the Piazza", Glinda in "Wicked" or Maureen in "Rent"

yeah this LJ looks cool...any fellow Piazza fans? I'm so sad I'll never get to see it on stage! =(

7/27/06 11:01 pm - crystalic_chick - Colour bars!

For my fellow musical nerds out there.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels [3]
Hairspray [2]
Little women [2]
Wedding singer [4]
John Tartaglia [4]
Jesse Tyler Ferguson [3]
Norbert Leo Butz [3]

Comment + credit if taking.

Click here for colour bars (Musicals)Collapse )

6/17/06 01:49 pm - high_maintance

Fav Musical and why:The Dance of the Vampires, POTO, Metro(PL) - dunno, I'm just addicted to them:)
Fav Composer: Andrew Lloyd Webber
Fav Movie Musical:Chicago
Your Tony picks for this year (if the tony's have passed, your opinions on them):Lestat, The Dance of the Vampires
Fav Broadway Actor:Michael Crawford
Fav Broadway Actress:---
Fav role you've played:none, i'm devoid of ANY talent-can't go on stage
Dream Role:Christine, Sara

it sems there're lots of musicals junkies out there! I was afraid I'm some freaky weirdo...:D

6/12/06 08:48 pm - bwaybeauty90210

If anyone was wondering we are a bootleg friendly community so if you want to discuss your bootlegs go right ahead. We just ask that all trading take place through email/im and NOT on this journal.

6/12/06 08:43 pm - lammastidepoto

Fav Musical and why:phantom of the opera bcuz i sing the song really well
Fav Composer:andrew loyd webber bcuz of the greatest hits cd elisa made
Fav Movie Musical:LION KING
Your Tony picks for this year (if the tony's have passed, your opinions on them):maria freedman from woman in white should have won best actress for all the passion she put into the song about laura
Fav Broadway Actor:hunter foster
Fav Broadway Actress:elisa
Fav role you've played:a person in anything goes
Dream Role:to be on friends

6/12/06 04:13 pm - crystalic_chick - My OBCR collection is growing!!!

Okay, so obviously I'm addicted to musicals (or else I wouldn't be here, right?). I've been trying to expand my collection of OBCRs for the past month or so and I'm proud to say that I've gotten about 5 new shows. However, I'm always looking for more shows so if any of you have any suggestions, please tell me! I'm usually on AIM so if you want to contact me right away, try IMing me (ForgetRegret87) I'm up to pretty much anything except Andrew Lloyd Webber. I can't stand his shows! Sorry if I've offended anyone.
My list of full recordingsCollapse )

6/12/06 12:31 am - bwaybeauty90210

I refuse to even discuss the Tony Awards because the entire show was just ricockulous in every sense of the word...however my Bernadette looked fabulous.

Feel free to discuss it tho my dears...

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