Rt Hon Emily (angelshavemybox) wrote in musicalmaniacs,
Rt Hon Emily

Hey there =D

Ok so I'm a reeeallly big Newb to lj but I really couldn't resist joining this comm :D

Name: Lee
Age: 16
Fav Musical and why: atm Calamity Jane- cause its our school production and I've got the lead and I'm ever so slightly obsessed with it
Fav Composer: Howard shore who wrote the lotr movie soundtracks
Fav Movie Musical: The Producers or CJ, the producers is what got me obsessed with musical and cj I've said why above
Your Tony picks for this year: gosh i don't know, I hope tlotr wins something :)
Fav Broadway Actor: John Barrowman even though he's not actually starring in anything at the west end currently
Fav Broadway Actress: Laura Michelle Kelly or Idina Menzel- i envy them both!
Fav role you've played: Calamity definately
Dream Role: Any part in the lord of the rings musical would be amazing, or elphaba in wicked
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