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7/30/08 01:28 pm - mrbnatural - MUSIC VIDEO: "But Still I'm Dreaming" (WEST SIDE STORY)

Check out my loving tribute to West Side Story! <3

[YOUTUBE it!] ~~or~~ [DOWNLOAD it!]

7/22/08 02:23 pm - theatretechdiva - looking for good shows to see the next time i go back to NYC


Hey People
I am going to New York with a few of my friends during the Christmas holidays and i am looking for  good shows to go see.  I have  few ideas in mind....they are
Avenue Q
25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
In The Heights

What can others reccommend? 

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6/16/08 04:10 pm - theatretechdiva - Tony Awards Recap

My reactions to the Tony's:

~ What was up with that acceptance speech about getting lost in the woods?  It had nothing at all to do with  accepting an award for working on a play    I was confused.
~   *sings*  Grease is the word is the word have you heard it's got moves it's got feeling  :)
~ In The Heights perfromance  equals amazingness   I want to see that show so bad  the next  time  I go back to New York.
~ I had no idea that Sunday in The Park With George was a musical.
~ YAy for  Patti  Lupone getting  best leading actress in a musical!   I heard Gypsy was an amazing show and I really want to see it now.
~ Whoppi Golberg is the  most amazing host ever!
~ Yay for August : Osage County getting two awards!

 What weere everyone else's thoughts? 

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6/6/08 10:34 pm - theatretechdiva - Icons

Icon WiZards! I have some requests for you
  Little Shop of Horrors- anything  from Skid Row (Downtown or Suddenly Seymour
CATS    Rum Tum Tugger or  Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer  (anything with a quote from the song on it)
Wicked- Something with Defying Gravity on it

if i come up with anything else i will edit this entry accordingly. Thanks. 


6/5/08 10:40 am - theatretechdiva - New member

 Hi! I'm Janine  I'm new to the community. I'm totally obsessed with Broadway musicals. Friend me on facebook  i'm pretty easy to get along with
Name: Janine
Age: 22
Fav Musical and why: Rent because the story is incredibly powerful
Fav Composer:
Fav Movie Musical: Cabaret
Your Tony picks for this year:
Fav Broadway Actor:Anthony Rapp  (though i haven't seen Rent with the original broadway cast)
Fav Broadway Actress:  India Menzel
Fav role you've played: I'm a technician by nature but  I was in the ensemble in  Annie Get Your Gun at a summer stock theatre last summer and that  the most fun show i have been in.
Dream Role:

5/2/08 05:31 pm - salveevery1

i made this comm. for the movie/musical 1776 1776_stamps

10/6/07 02:03 pm - angelshavemybox - Hey there =D

Ok so I'm a reeeallly big Newb to lj but I really couldn't resist joining this comm :D

Name: Lee
Age: 16
Fav Musical and why: atm Calamity Jane- cause its our school production and I've got the lead and I'm ever so slightly obsessed with it
Fav Composer: Howard shore who wrote the lotr movie soundtracks
Fav Movie Musical: The Producers or CJ, the producers is what got me obsessed with musical and cj I've said why above
Your Tony picks for this year: gosh i don't know, I hope tlotr wins something :)
Fav Broadway Actor: John Barrowman even though he's not actually starring in anything at the west end currently
Fav Broadway Actress: Laura Michelle Kelly or Idina Menzel- i envy them both!
Fav role you've played: Calamity definately
Dream Role: Any part in the lord of the rings musical would be amazing, or elphaba in wicked

2/22/07 11:03 pm - hugzxoxonkisses - Grease your the one i want

Is anyone following this program on NBC??

2/21/07 01:38 am - divapooh2004 - HELP GUYS NEEDED ASAP....

Hey we are doing a show called DO BLACK PATENT LEATHER SHOES REALLY REFLECT UP? at Timonium Dinner Theatre this Spring and are looking for 4 MALE characters...
The show will run March 30th thru June 17th and rehearsals will be Monday thru Thursday evenings at 7pm.
If you are interested please contact me ASAP...thanks!!!!

1/7/07 02:29 am - hope_persists

Hi there.

I don't know if this is allowed here or not, but I am desperate for a few mp3s from Shenandoah. I know it's a pretty obscure show, but it was listed in the interests, so I had hope. I have the cd somewhere, I just can't find it and am trying to finish up a mix this weekend that I want to put these songs on.

The songs I'm looking for (or, even more ideally, the whole album) are:
Why Am I Me?
We Make a Beautiful Pair

Thank you so much :)
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